Lovely to meet you. 

I'm a 39-year-young, glass half full, wildly passionate photographer based in South West London. 
I share my life with incredible fiance, Gary, amazing stepkids Xanthe and Edward and Indie the cockapoo who I’m sure is my soulmate (sorry Gary!)

Born in Spain and raised in Devon, I've travelled the world, acquired (questionably useful) degrees in Anthropology and Primate Conservation, and tried my hand at a few wrong jobs. Throughout, photography had always been my art. At 30, I decided life was too short not to do what you love, and the rest as they say is history. 

what's my story? 

 My style

It’s natural, very relaxed and I love to photograph events just as I see them, maybe with a little direction thrown in. 
I'm inspired by high fashion editorials, films and TV. Which is why in my portfolio you'll see a mix of photojournalistic storytelling with  creative portraits worthy of a magazine cover. 

What I really love the most in photos though, is movement. Swishing dresses, blowing hair, laughing faces, sneaky kisses, saucy bum grabs, questionable dancing moves, those in between moments, quiet and loud all captured and frozen in time. 

My style lies somewhere between documentary and I'm-here-to-make-you-look downright-amazing photography. 

Stuff that makes me happy

Things I'm not mad about   

  • Binging on Netlix (Schitts Creek, Modern Family, Gavin + Stacey, Californication, Ozark, Stranger Things)
  • a spicy negroni 
  • moorish architecture + abandoned buildings
  • fur friends at weddings
  • photographing at golden hour
  • a good backup plan 
  • an epic adventure trek 
  • boujee hotels 
  • a rum hot chocolate inbetween ski runs 
  • anything Zadig et Voltaire + All Saints
  • overpriced scented candles 
  • reading through the night- (my latest Shoedog)
  • buying plants to cover every surface
  • baking ridiculous cakes
  • a good beach

  • whistling 
  • bad manners
  • fluorescent lighting 
  • plastic furniture
  • cucumbers
  • watching sports 
  • parallel parking
  • mansplaining 

Indie says hi.